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Now that the Holidays have come to an end now is the time to start preparing your online store for the new year, here are some tips and tricks you can use to help you maximize sales over the holidays. Many articles will suggest your clients to set up highly targeted PPC and social media campaigns, and advice on how to optimize their SEO. Although these tips are great for driving traffic to your customers' sites, they do little to actually convert visitors into paying customers. To help you out, we've put together five tips you can use to increase your clients' conversion and sales.

#1. Highlight your client's best-selling products

New customers don't necessarily always know the store or brand they're visiting. Make sure your clients homepage is geared towards showing the most popular products and categories in your store. Popular categories ensure a high click-through rate onto pages that are likely to sell. A way of dig this is to add automated bestseller lists on the front page, and main categories using apps to highlight tending items, you could show the bestirs from the past seven days only. Be sure that these lists don't include any out-of-stock items! For items that are restocked quickly, you can use the Back in Stock App, which will notify customers automatically when the items are back in stock

#2. Categorize and Group Products

Instead of having to look around the whole site to find something suitable, they will be very happy to be guided to a 'Gifts' section or any other new categories they choose. These new categories can be further optimized with filters: for him, her, baby, etc. as well as by price bands such as ‘Under $25,’ ‘$25 - $50,’ and so on.

#3. Make it comfortable for customers to contact the merchant

Ensure that the contact phone number and emails are clearly visible in the header of the site. It's more likely for customers to contact merchants over the holidays as they want to double- check on return policies or delivery times.

#4. Offer complementary products

Make sure your clients are showcasing their store selection by cross- and up-selling products across the entire shopping voyage. A great opportunity to cross- and up-sell presents itself at checkout. In order to increase AOV (average order value), display other items that go together with the product/s already added to the shopping basket this will help bring more traffic to similar products and even increase your sales. During the holiday time is a great opportunity to recommend stocking fillers. The Nosto recommendation engine allows you to easily and effectively add real-time personalized product recommendations on your clients’ sites to increase conversion and AOV!

#5. Offer clear shipping and returns information

During the Holidays is when customers will be extra careful only to buy gifts that will arrive on time for Christmas and also value flexible payment options and extended returns. Make sure a customer doesn’t have to place a product in the cart to find out what the store’s policies are. Allowing customers to understand their options early on creates a sense of trust –which will lead to more sales. Be sure to include tabs on your product pages that outline shipping and return policies. If your client doesn’t already offer premium next day shipping, ask them to try it over the Holidays. This is a great way to boost margins. The header on all client sites should clearly promote any free or next-day shipping options that are available.

We hope you gained some more knowledge on the subject. Now that you have more insight it's time to implement these tips on your clients! No time to waste!

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