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#1. When you’re running an online store, how do you gain “foot traffic”?

For ecommerce businesses, paying for ads is the new rent. Google and Facebook attract billions of engaged users every day. Paid ads on Google and Facebook are one of the quickest ways to drive traffic and grow a business. They offer you exposure similar to a storefront, but with the added benefit of being able to pick and choose exactly who sees them. Google and Facebook ads are undeniably effective ways to reach your ideal customers and drive new revenue. In order to drive maximal social traffic to your client’s online store, it’s crucial to understand the value and benefits that each network provides for your marketing strategy.

#2. Facebook

Coming in at over 1.3 billion users,Facebook is the most popular social media network. It's a great place to share rich visual content, and target new users through affordable and effective targeted advertising. Furthermore, Facebook is the ecommerce king when it comes to traffic and sales. Nearly two thirds of all social media visits to Shopify stores come from Facebook while an average of 85% of all orders from social media come from Facebook. Plus, with the recently announced Buy Button for Facebook, your clients can showcase their products directly on their Facebook Page where they can choose to redirect shoppers to their website for payment, or checkout without leaving the Facebook at all. To get the most out of Facebook, make sure to supply your clients with great high resolution photos of their products or online store. Photos on Facebook have been shown to generate over 50% more likes than the average post.

#3. Google Ads

One of the best ways to attract qualified visitors to your website is by using Google AdWords. AdWords allows your online store to show up on Google when people search for your products. Without even realizing it, you likely come into contact with Google advertising dozens—if not hundreds—of times per day. The top listings on the search-engine results page when you enter a query, the video ads you see on YouTube, display advertising across virtually every page of the internet even many of your favorite games on your mobile device—include advertising from Google’s network. The combination of a massive reach and custom access to a great audience makes advertising on Google a no-brainer for any business owner who wants to invest in their marketing and see their sales to grow.

We hope you gained some more knowledge on the subject. Now that you have more insight it's time to implement these tips on your clients! No time to waste!

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